Why Consider Clock.in?

Clock.in delivers answers when and where you need them most.

We deliver customizable information to today's increasingly mobile professional. Our platform and methodology deliver a real Mobile Advantage (tm) to companies that demand greater control, increased efficiencies, and predictable results in changing times.

By doing so, our customers have experienced significant business benefits

  • Increased awareness their business - ability to make better [more informed] decisions
  • Ability to respond quicker when situations arise
  • Streamline their operations / management - allowing them to focus on their core business (now HOW their business gets done)
{do more}

Empowering everyone at the point of customer connection

There is nothing more powerful for a customer than timely answers when they arise. Creating real communication across projects, teams and product delivery means greater satisfaction, retention, growth and referrals.

Less turnover, more employee retention

Strong reporting tools that help, not hinder the workday translates into employee satisfaction and commitment. You lower costs of training, hiring, customer relationships, and overall management by forming stronger bonds and cohesive teams

A seamless fit to your existing software and information management needs

No matter the basic business management tools you may use, we have formats and reporting mechanisms that allow for integration with payroll, project management, accounting and reporting applications.

Better planning and budgetary management

It becomes a lot easier to plan, hire and budget for day to day operations as well as long term profitability when you have the right information at your fingertips and you can rely on its accuracy. This is a tool for control and business growth.